Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tim's Birthday Challenge - No Ice Required

Okay, so it's probably not nearly as viral-worthy as the ice bucket challenge, but the help you can provide to needy children in Nepal and India is just as important! Here's the challenge...

1. Don't get a bucket

2. Don't fill it with ice and water

3. Relax in front of your computer

4. Go to www.ServLife.org

5. Sponsor a child for $30 a month by clicking on "Sponsor a Child"

6. Not up for a monthly commitment? No problem, click the 'Donate' button and give one dollar for every year of life with which God's blessed me (56 to be exact).

See how easy that is? No wet clothes, no posting videos on YouTube, just helping spread justice, reconciliation and the love of Jesus.

That would make for a very happy birthday, indeed!

ServLife International propels reconciliation and justice by building global community to plant churches, care for children and fight poverty.